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A Certain Hunger by Chelsea G Summers


There is no emoji that properly portrays a jaw on the floor moment and I had about one every five minutes reading this book. I actually FELL of a hammock (yes #firstworldproblems ).

This feels like such an apt time to talk about it, with the Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series still shocking viewers. Because this book, dear friends, puts you bang in the mind of a very witty, brilliant, feminist, philosophical and savage female food critic and… cannibal. And she wants to tell you all.

Ok so I bought this book even though we were kindly offered a copy from the UK publishers because this is the US edition and the covers are incomparable. I love a classical, powerful woman and had to have this divine being on my shelves.

The writing is SUBLIME. A lot of detail around haute cuisine, love, relationships and psychology but be warned it gets pretty gruesome. At one point she talks about shechita, the kosher way to kill meat and I honestly nearly died.

What elevated this for me was the little pockets of prose that question our societal horror of cannibalism, when we merrily eat many millions of other animals. I don’t think I will ever look at a steak the same way again. 

The psychological aspect to this was fascinating – testament to the popularity of true crime and obsession with serial killers. Mix with that a heady dose of acerbic wit from a savagely caustic, at times unhinged, sex addicted narrator and you get A Certain Hunger.

Lord this was good. Lord this was insane. In a veritable ocean (sorry) of fiction, it’s hard to be memorable. As our main character hopes, this is nothing less than that and she will stay with me for a long time.

Did I enjoy it? I don’t even know. I do know that I struggled to put it down, at just over 250 pages it went by in what felt like minutes and I have never read anything remotely like it. I would read more from author @chelseagsummers in a heartbeat.

Would you read this?

K back to my impromptu hols – I think something lighter next ~ Chaya 

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