Our ReviewsA Day Of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon

A Day Of Fallen Night by Samantha Shannon


I am somehow reading the biggest books on my tbr…. At the same time. Send help. They are huge. 

I love a short book, that sense of accomplishment I feel an hour later having read the whole thing. It’s relaxing. Easy. The words are somehow more powerful. The author, knowing they only have a short time with their reader has used every single word, usually not wasting one. 

Well folks, happily I am loving my current reads – I just wish I could sit for a solid five hours without being disturbed!

The two are worlds apart in terms of genre. On the epic fantasy side we have A Day of Fallen Night by @say_shannonthe long awaited prequel to The Priory of the Orange Tree. It’s MAGNIFICENT. There are four strands of plot, so I keep on flicking back and racing ahead because the pace is excellent and I want to know what happens to all of them immediately! It’s out on the 28th of Feb and is set to be another massive bestseller like it’s predecessor. 

In the other corner we have a classic: War and Peace, which I am revisiting as part of a year long collective read with @footnotes.and.tangents who has brought together nearly a thousand people. I am either woefully behind the chapter schedule or racing ahead ( quite reflective of my personality – I’m either 100% committed or I’m not in at all, there is no half way with me). We have now got to the war scenes and I am not finding it as gripping as the first part of Book One so knowing I have 2023 to get through is helping!

Simon and I sat down to chat about the read along, this timeless novel and everyone’s thoughts as there is a near constant stream of comments on the group discord threads – tune in tonight for more. 

Now I might just be able to read for a bit until the house wakes up….C A

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