Author Interview: Alice Winn (‘Memoriam’)

Alice Winn


Spoiler Free

One of the great privileges of this account is having the opportunity to inhale a book, have a whole host of people to rave about it with, and then to sit down with the author to ask all of our burning questions.

When this one arrived on our doorsteps, we had no idea how much the characters would impact us. Another WW1 novel, we hear you say, another boarding school, forbidden love story – it’s been done.

Well the reviews are rolling in for this bestselling debut, everyone we have seen emphatic with praise.

When you hear the eloquence of @alicewinnauthor and how the source material consumed her every waking moment, it is not surprising that many readers report being astonished that this is fictional.

It will change the way you think about WW1.

Thank you to our pals at @vikingbooksuk for sending these copies over, and to Alice for giving us her time. We bonded immediately and will read any further writing you wish to make public.