LiteraryBless the Daughter Raised By A Voice In Her Head by Warsan Shire

Bless the Daughter Raised By A Voice In Her Head by Warsan Shire


Asked a panicked Barry, finding me sobbing last night. Home I replied. Home is a viral poem you may recognise included in a sublime book by @warsanshiree published yesterday. Harmonious and melodic, like the power of a bittersweet concerto, it broke my heart into smithereens whilst paradoxically making my soul soar. Even if you are not a poetry reader, this transcends the genre and is so accessible. 

A Somali-British poet from Wembley (basically making her my neighbour) Warsan collaborated with @beyonce on Lemonade & Black is King. She has literary star status, her words leave an indelible mark. “Bless the Daughter raised by a voice in her head” depicts a girl, torn from home, making her own way in the world. A compassionate tale of identity, displacement, trauma & resilience, it is incredibly pertinent to the war torn times we live in.

She gives a voice to all refugees, immigrants, mothers & girls particularly those facing racism where they flee. It has the power to change minds, raise awareness, dissipate discord and create empathy. To change the world. How she is able to convey such forceful emotion, literally punching you in the gut, so succinctly is beyond me, the woman is a genius. I beg you, I urge you to buy this. Warsan you are a gift to the women that lived through incomprehensible pain. I will read everything you ever write.

“The insults are easier to swallow than finding your child’s body in the rubble” 

For our older Friday Favourite, let me recommend Girl, Women Other by the brilliant @bernardineevaristo (amazing interview of both women in the guardian last week). Winner of the 2019 Booker Prize, this is an orchestra of voices, following the interconnected lives of 12 British women spanning decades.

Exploring contemporary themes of race, feminism, politics, struggle & love, there is a lyrical, musical quality to Everisto’s prose that takes the reader through the waves of narrative, ensuring a flow that is joyous & funny, a fusion of fiction and verse. Believe the hype.

~ Chaya

AD: Thank you @magic_kitten for raising and sending a pre-release copy of Bless the Daughter, you and @chattobooks have my total allegiance

Order your copy here.

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