Author Chat: Lalalaletmeexplain (Block, Delete, Move On)

Author Interview

Join us for a long over due chat with the one and only, legendary @lalalaletmeexplain who is the big sister that everyone needs.

A feminist manifesto, a dating guide, an exploration of the psychology behind relationships, intimacy, mysogyny and societal stereotypes this book is an absolute must read.

11 years married and five kids between us let us assure that this is as relevant to those seeking love as it is to those in relationships. With so much to say about life, self-love, shame, joy and confidence, ex social worker Lala brings her years of experience from work and is viscerally honest about her own personal life to give guidance and advice with wit and humour in buckets.

We absolutely love you @lalalaletmeexplain and @littletwinkletreats thank you so much for letting us use this incredible photo which includes your fab biscuits.

Ad:PR Copies ~ Thank you to the publishers for sending us copies, we have bought for our friends.

We’ve split this video in to three parts as it’s a big one!