Author Interview: Bonnie Garmus (‘Lessons In Chemistry’) & Agent, Felicity Blunt

Bonnie Garmus & Agent, Felicity Blunt

We were so delighted get the inside scoop from @bonnie_garmus_author and agent @felicityblunt on Lessons in Chemistry, Bonnie’s debut novel. This is the book of the moment, garnering huge waves of international praise and love, for who could not fall for Zott (and lest we forget the real star @sixthirtythedog 🦮).

Appealing to a broad spectrum of readers, we heard about the inspiration for this wonderful story and the very critical editorial process and relationship between writer and agent with some hilarious background anecdotes thrown in for good measure – I don’t think we have laughed this much in any of our other bibliochats.

We are so grateful that Felicity insisted we read this as a matter of absolute urgency, we truly savoured every page. You were right – drinks on us next time. We will of offering only the Zott cocktail for the disenfranchised women as demonstrated so elegantly by @stanleytucci expertly produced by Felicity of course.

Massive thanks for making the time you brilliant women and again thank you so much to @alison_is_reading and the whole @doubledayukbooks team for everything, as always.