Easy ReadsBook Lovers by Emily Henry

Book Lovers by Emily Henry


Published in May, Book Lovers is without doubt one of the most successful releases of the year. It’s literally everywhere, every other picture on #bookstagram and #booktok is an @emilyhenrywrites title at the moment.

After reading a particularly heavy, scientific non fiction I think my mind just needed a break. Something light, easy and predictable that felt like a night out with friends watching a film a bit tipsy. As a sporadic romance reader, the cynic within me was ready to be thoroughly unimpressed. I have to tell you – I thought it was great, I’m shocked at how much I enjoyed this. If you are looking for that frothy fun pool/beach read this summer, Book Lovers is the one. 

The reason why it worked so well is that it didn’t take itself seriously. The narrative context of an agent who reviews romance novels following the normal tropes allows the main protagonist to identify that she and her enemy turned lover are also part of those tropes which was really clever. I liked the characters, the slow reveal of their inner turmoil and their passions was done well.

By about half way through, I guessed the twist and ending but it didn’t deter me from continuing. I just wanted to enjoy the ride. I loved the literary angle to this and there were some beautiful passages on the impact books can have. With nearly a quarter of a million reviews on @goodreads many readers have found joy within these pages. If you have read this, did you get the hype? Let me know ~ C

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