ContemporaryBoy Parts by Eliza Clark

Boy Parts by Eliza Clark


I cannot think of another recent book that has provoked such extreme reactions from readers, who are either absolutely obsessed with Boy Parts or viscerally horrified. A title that has gone viral on #booktok and is frequently called the millennial, female American Psycho, I loved this with the force of a thousand suns. The opening dedication set the tone and made me bark inelegantly with laughter and want to immediately be mates with (debut HOW) author @fancyeliza

“For my mother and father. Please don’t read this”.

Irina is our deeply unlikeable protagonist, a young, predatory photographer who scouts innocent young men for her explicit, fetishised photos shoots. Stop for a moment. What do you think of when you hear the word model. I would assume, like me, your mind is immediately on a preternaturally beautiful, very skinny, very young woman, who might well be in a highly sexualised pose. Think about regular advertising, it has become the norm.

Boy Parts, published in 2020, is highly readable and darkly hilarious, subverting the model/photographer relationship, the usually female to male roles and questions why Irina’s increasingly violent, exploitative behaviour is even more shocking because of her gender and beauty. As the plot develops and we uncover a cycle of trauma and victimisation, I found myself considering peripheral questions on art, feminism, gender and power disparity in friendships that I hadn’t expected. Clark is unafraid to venture into the taboo and I am here for all of it.

This one comes with trigger warnings so please be warned. It is razor sharp, provides a provoking social commentary, is fiercely current (I felt like Irina is the embodiment of a generation) and increasingly dissociative. I read this in one sitting immediately after buying it and can totally understand the hype, but equally can appreciate why this wouldn’t be for many readers. You are plunged into a hypnotic, chaotic world, and our sadistic anti heroine Irina is a character I will never forget ~ C

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