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Brave by Prince Harry


Can you imagine? I think we would cross examine him as if he was on the stand in court. Lord would I enjoy the prep – ok enough of the barrister talk, out of work mode sorry.

So we were not going to read this and we were certainly not going to film a video discussing it, however curiosity got the better of us and, well over a month after publication we are still getting messages about the memoir of the century – Spare.

It is, after all, the best selling non fiction book ever. We appreciate that this is yesterdays news and everyone and their mum has voiced their views. However I don’t think I have read a review of Spare as a reading experience, a lot of the press has solely focused on the in fighting and at times sordid revelations within – and fair enough. Let’s be honest, the headlines wouldn’t have been as catchy.

Our lovely followers have repeatedly asked us for a) unbiased views and b) what is it actually like to read?

If Instagram deigns to allow me to upload, tune in later for a fiery discussion. We did not hold back. C

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