ContemporaryCareering by Daisy Buchanan

Careering by Daisy Buchanan


What do you get if you mix The Devil Wears Prada and Bridget Jones Diary with a sprinkling of Sex and The City?

Published last week, Careering is the second novel from @thedaisybee a journalist and author of Insatiable. The narrative centres around two women in vastly different positions: Imogen and Harri who work in the pressurised world of magazines. Imogen is a struggling unpaid intern who writes a popular sex blog (so expect some rather raunchy scenes) and has lofty ambitions whilst Harri is at the top of her game – a slick, stylish work addict who is about to be made editor at the glossy publication “Panache” that she has given her life to.

This was a really easy read with moments of hilarity and one or two bouts of MAJOR second hand embarrassment for the characters. Accessible and enjoyable, Careering has a lot to say about the inherent social and racial hierarchies embedded within fashion, magazines and publishing. We watch as the characters fight against harassment and patriarchal systems, as they are put under tremendous pressure to deliver better numbers, higher subscription rates and more provocative content in a time of social media, click bait and print based media rapidly disappearing. 

Though this is dramatised and commercial, it made me think a lot about what might go on behind the scenes within the hallowed halls of Conde Nast as a primary example. Many of the characters lose sight of their identities in their race to achieve what they think they want and I loved how Daisy used the plot to explore how close the line is between failure and success, questioning how we measure these outcomes. 

I can imagine there will be many people that this book will speak to strongly within these industries and she highlights the privilege, toxicity and disparity between people trying to carve out a career with great impact. Such a good read for a cosy night in and 11/10 would watch the film adaption with a group of friends.

~ Chaya 

Thank you so much @littlebrownbookgroup_uk for sending over a proof copy {Ad:PR Copy received with no contractual obligation to review}

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