Sophie & Chaya Bibliochat: ‘Caste’ by Isabel Wilkerson


“Caste is the bones, Race is the skin”.

In all honesty this IGTV could have been hours long – we spoke about this book for a considerable amount of time and it remains on our minds daily. This will change the way you think about the world, irrevocably impacting your understanding of racism, slavery and violence that transcends one country or time.

Wilkerson explains how the crimes against humanity endured by different victims, the unimaginable violence can be normalised and justified in their oppressors minds. Elucidating the 8 pillars of caste, she builds a horrifying picture of how such a dreadful system can be created. The laws might have changed but the intrinsic beliefs have not.

Watch our distilled thoughts on this momentous and vital book that everyone should read.