ClassicCirce by Madeline Miller

Circe by Madeline Miller


Our first post on this account was the Song of Achilles, the book that brought us together. I had met Sophie once a few years before and saw her Facebook post asking for book recommendations in lockdown. I replied MADELINE MILLER (see next pic) and the rest is history. 

We have an IGTV video about our deep adoration and love for @madeline.e.miller but I have never posted about Circe, one of my all time favourite books. It is the literary equivalent to a portal into another ethereal, mythological dimension. I can’t understand how Madeline achieves this, within the first few sentences I was physically whisked away. 

This pushes all my buttons: lyrical, vivid prose, mythology, witches and a strong feminist core.

Circe is the daughter of the Sun God Helios, a lowly nymph who dares to defy her father. She lives a languid, luxurious, infinite life that is upended when she is banished and left to fend for herself. This punishment becomes integral to her establishing an identity, learning the value of love and seizing autonomy. As the first mythological witch she embodies the entrenched patriarchal fear of female power, and Madeline reimagines the sparse classical references to Circe, using them to give her a voice she has needed for thousands of years.

I met and chatted with Madeline in London (she radiates warmth and genius from every pore, I’m almost territorial at this point) and she beautifully and personally inscribed both of her books to me, so I truly treasure my copies. Controversially, as much as the Song of Achilles has my entire heart and moved my very soul, it is Circe which I love the most and will frequently re-read. 

Thank you @madeline.e.miller your books are a gift to this world, and I will forever be in your debt for uniting me with my literally soul mate.

~ Chaya

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