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Come On Barbie Lets Go Party


Guys I literally pulled my books apart collecting all the pink covers… send help. Swipe through to see all the covers, spines and the mess that ensued.

I wanted to ensure a real mix in this post as a cover can be hot pink & still be literary & compelling, check out the loves of my life Hilary Mantel & Maya Angelou. Obviously had to include titles from my girl @scarcurtis a powerhouse together with @travisalabanza

On a serious note, as much as we are being bombarded with Barbie right now – seriously did they have an infinite marketing budget???? I have always had very mixed feelings on the brand. 

Yes let kids play with whatever they want but the whole concept of the skeletal, disproportionate female body, rooted in heteronormative gender stereotypes is something that feels distinctly uncomfortable to me. I know you can now get a whole range of Barbie’s of sizes, colours and professions but those feelings are still prevalent. I certainly want to watch the film, from curiosity more than anything, it’s being lauded as a homage to the empowering nature of the doll & Helen Mirren is apparently narrating – I worship at her alter. Are you going to see Barbie? Let me know 💗 C 💋

Ok now I have to put all of these back. Pray for me.

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