ContemporaryCult Classic by Sloane Crosley

Cult Classic by Sloane Crosley


This is one of those books that I read so quickly I had no time to tab, highlight or annotate, a breathless read.

This is surreal, precise, acerbic satire that is achingly contemporary. It questions how we can ever be sure of love or our big life changing choices in a world of endless options, endless scrolling through profiles, infinite data and social media endorsed remembering. How do you do get an ex when in a flew clicks you can track his life and the minutiae of those around him, connecting you forever. 

Lola is a editor, engaged to the lovable, seemingly hapless but very tall Boots. She is feeling restless until she begins to run into an ex every single day. When Lola can no longer ignore these coincidences she uncovers a social experiment led by her charismatic ex boss who has created a tech start up/cult to explore how he can weaponise and monetise the ability to curate experiences that give customers closure. 

There was an element of suspense to this as we watch her grapple with memories and the possible futures ahead. This is a book about love that made me think about some other favourites titles and how we are all chasing the happy ever after ending with “the one” amidst societal pressures. 

Cult Classic is such a blend of genre, there is a fantasy side, it is literary and clever, it has romance undertones with dashes of razor sharp insight and comedy. I did find it repetitious at points but the chapters were short enough to keep my attention. The wry humour was its greatest appeal ~ C.

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