ContemporaryDog Days by Ericka Waller

Dog Days by Ericka Waller


Disclaimer: I am NOT a dog person. I thought this debut novel, published today, was going to be a light read, which it was at times but it’s also exceptionally heart breaking and meaningful. Dog Days interweaves the lives of three main characters who I became invested in almost immediately – George, an angry grieving widower, Dan a counsellor with OCD and Lizzie who is in a women’s refuge with her son. Hugely important themes of mental health, grief, love and hope are vividly and poignantly explored. The dogs are a very clever tool used subtly and with ease as @erickamarytransports you to the blustery beaches and small communities by the British south coast. She creates hysterical and complex characters you feel you know. Twists and turns set a quick pace which is why we couldn’t do a video review as this would definitely contain spoilers. I genuinely loved this, it will give comfort to so many people experiencing similar challenges. Such talented, down to earth, relatable writing which felt like chatting to a group of friends. Thank you @erickamary@tabbyaaand @doubledaybooks for our copy.

~ Chaya

Unlike Chaya, I most definitely am a ‘dog person’. Though I’ve yet to succumb to the lockdown trend of dog purchasing (though my husband continues to send me links to Labradors almost daily), I grew up with dogs from the age of seven and my parents still have one, Magic, who they got after they promised there would be no more of them in the house after Lenny (pictured) was put down. The collar here belongs to my very first dog, George, and I still connect so much of my childhood to him. Ultimately, dogs bring people together — and Dog Days exemplifies this in the most beautiful of ways. Through Poppy the Dachsund, Maud the Terrier, Fitz the Labrador, George, Lizzie and Dan’s lives are connected with such poignance. Their stories are layered and complex too, with twists that will completely surprise you. Dog Days is a book that will make you see the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. Skilfully crafted and powerful, it is about people, pets, relationships and ultimately, the importance of appreciating what you have.

~ Sophie

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