ComedyEverything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton

The literary equivalent to a brilliant, boozy night out with your mates.

About a year ago, when we could stand next to people with their faces uncovered and not panic, one of my best friends in the world came to see me, flourishing this book in her hand. “This is us and you need to read it. Immediately.” 

I cannot recall another book that has made me bellow uproariously with laughter so inelegantly. It’s a light, witty read that focuses on the fluctuations of growing up in such a relatable manner. A tribute to friendship, laughter, and love, there are moments of poignance and emotion that give this authenticity and substance in a way I wasn’t expecting. Reading this felt like getting a massive hug from someone you love and trust. 

It follows Dolly’s life, taking us through bad dates, bad parties and general life with wit, ease and joy. On a Saturday night when we can’t dress up, go out and spend a ridiculous amount on a solitary vodka and coke, this is the book to read in your pyjamas with chocolate, a vat of pasta and a glass of alcohol.

~ Chaya

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