FictionEverything You Ever Wanted By Luiza Sauma

Everything You Ever Wanted By Luiza Sauma


If you had the chance to go and live on another planet, escaping the perils of modern life, would you do it? There’s a catch though — you can’t go back to Planet Earth . EVER. Oh, and FYI — you’ll be constantly filmed via livestream.

Nyx is that planet and Iris is our main protagonist at the centre of this incredibly thought provoking novel. The author’s interpretation of life as we know it — particularly the dynamics of the modern day workplace — is frighteningly spot on in so many ways, it will leave you wondering whether you, too, might make that trip.

But the grass isn’t always greener (I mean, is it ever?!) and life on Nyx has Iris remembering the parts from before that weren’t really that bad after all — heck, some of them were damn right blissful. 

We never like to spoil so I’ll curtail on the details at this point and just leave you with the question — would you stay or would you go?!

This one is well worth a read — in a world like the one we’re living in today, I genuinely don’t think it could be more pertinent…

~ Sophie 

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