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Failosophy by Elizabeth Day


This post is in collaboration with Stacey Heale.

Stacey says, “My first collaboration has to be with @thebibliofilles. Sophie and Chaya love reading as much as me and offer such in-depth reviews, so here is Soph’s personal recommendation for hard times…”

Failosophy by @elizabday

In August 2020, I was made redundant from a job I loved. It was a huge blow to my confidence, largely because it felt like it came from nowhere. Yes, we were in the midst of a pandemic but I had no warning. After months of being at home, juggling my job, and attempting to homeschool and look after three kids, I was just days away from returning to the office. I was so excited — until, well, I wasn’t.

I was in a very low place, which made it very hard to read, which in turn, just made me feel worse. Until I picked up this book — it was just what I needed. I’d been talking to myself as though I was a complete failure and actually, I realised, that wasn’t doing me any favours. You are not, as @elizabday says in this superb book, your worst thoughts.

This book was like a genuine friend — it still is and it has remained on my bedside table since I first read it. Slim but profound, it packs a mighty punch. It has taught me so much, I’ve folded nearly every page. Nearly two years on, I’m now writing my own novel (bizarrely, with the same agent as Elizabeth!) and I genuinely don’t think I would be on this path had it not been for things happening the way they did. This book showed me that my failure could teach me things about myself and it certainly had, things that I am so glad I know. I highly, highly recommend this one because at the end of the day, we will all fail somewhere along the line in a myriad of ways and it’s our failures that can truly can make us stronger.

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