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Fairytale by Stephen King


Ok, this is a big one — a hugely anticipated novel but a caveat first, if you please. We have *never* read any of King’s fiction prior to this. The only book S has read by this most prolific of authors is On Writing (non-fiction and genuinely, inspiring). This though is different.

Firstly it is mammoth. There are a *lot* of pages. But don’t let this put you off because if you’re anything like us you’ll be sucked in from the moment you hear Charlie Reade’s voice, though we had quite different reactions. For Sophie, the opening first chunk, she was in. DEEP. She loved Charlie, she loved Mr Bowditch. And don’t get her started on Radar the dog. She’s magic in and of herself. For Chaya, it was only half way in that everything clicked, the magic, the storytelling, the sense of place.

King is an incredible writer. You don’t need us to tell you that. As well as being a brilliant author, his books sell. A lot. But somehow, somewhere, once Charlie opened Mr Bowditch’s shed and headed down, Sophie has to admit, rather shamefacedly, she got a little lost. And the pull of it all stopped.

BUT. It did come back for her because she was so invested in the characters, even in a somewhat confusing adulthood-Disneyland-Fairytale-gone wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it). We both made it to the end and loved how it finished.

There are some brilliant gems in this tome. And though there were aspects one of us didn’t quite *get*, what will stay with us is a certain way of looking at the world. What is real and what is, indeed, fantasy? And, can we ever really be completely sure…?

King reigns supreme and this definitely made us want to read more ~ S & C 

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