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Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry


I am a huge Rohinton Mistry fan and have talked about his most well-known novel, A Fine Balance here before. Unsurprisingly, it was also a firm Friday Favourite — of mine and of many of you, too.

Mistry’s other novels aren’t as widely talked about but in my view, they are equally as memorable and powerful. But because there are only two more, I’ve spaced them out over the years and continue to wait in hope for my next dose. This one is actually his most recent and was published in 2002…! And each one has been shortlisted for the @thebookerprizes.

Family Matters explores the lives of a Parsi family living in contemporary India. When 79 year old Nariman Vakeel injures himself as a result of the Parkinson’s Disease from which he suffers, he finds himself in need of support. His step-children are unable to help him — they don’t really want to despite having the space — so he finds himself turning to his younger daughter and son-in-law, who don’t have the same material comforts. As the family’s shape twists and turns, so do their lives in this at once intimate and magnificent portrayal of the intricacies of family life. 

Mistry’s writing is, of course, sublime yet molecular at the same time. He has a way with words that will enthral any reader, in my view, and the way in which he structures his prose has the ability to completely transport you to another place and another time. 

If there’s anyone out there who knows him, please, PLEASE beg him for more books. It’s been over twenty years since a novel and I am getting a bit desperate!

Happy Friday, folks. Have a fab one ~S

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