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Free by Lea Ypi


Sophie literally ran to her local bookshop to buy this on the day of publication. Trust us. This is the book everyone will be talking about and we have been lucky enough to secure an interview with the author @lea.ypi which will be live tonight. Free has already been featured in early best books of 2021 lists, included in the @bgprize and @costabookawards shortlists and has received unanimous praise.

A narrative of growing up in last European bastion of communism, this is so much than a memoir. It reads like a multi generational thriller, is utterly intimate and will give you insight into a period of history and different ideologies that are still so relevant, making you question the way you live your life today. You will never look at a can of Coca-Cola in the same way.

A non-fiction memoir written by a professor of political theory, Lea Ypi grew up in Albania, one of the most isolated countries on earth, a place where communist ideals had officially replaced religion. It was almost impossible to visit and almost impossible to leave, a place of queuing and scarcity, of political executions and secret police.

Then, in December 1990, a year after the fall of the Berlin Wall, everything changed and we see first hand the impact on a child. She lives through both this transition and, seven years later, civil war. Family secrets are unravelled and identity and freedom are challenged. Buy it. Now.

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