ContemporaryGirl Crush by Florence Given

Girl Crush by Florence Given


The highly anticipated debut novel from @florencegiven was finally released into the world yesterday (with an epic launch party of course) and it is pure fire. Achingly relevant this is a modern and super-sexy feminist retelling of Jekyll and Hyde ~ I read it in one sitting and immediately wanted more.

We watch as main character Eartha navigates the intensity of instant overnight online fame and her blossoming sexuality whilst trying to work out who she wants to be. Addictive and darkly funny, in a world dominated by TikTok and Instagram, Girl Crush has a lot to say on the scrutiny people in the public eye face, trauma, power disparity in relationships and the frenetic world of social media.

Florence is known for being unapologetically herself, using her platform to talk about a myriad of issues and I couldn’t help but wonder how much of this was based on her own experiences. It’s a fast paced, easy but thought provoking read and there is an increasingly sinister element when the fictional online platform Wonderland is discussed. 

A coming of age story that is such a reflection of the world right now, this would be a brilliant addition to any holiday reading. On my way home last night from the launch I had the proof out on the train and a random girl stopped me to incredulously ask how I had my copy yet to give you some idea of the hype around Girl Crush. 

Thank you so much to and of course @florencegiven for sending over a proof and for having me last night. This one is lit.

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