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Godkiller by Hannah Kaner


Published a few weeks ago, Godkiller entered the bestseller charts at a casual number one. For a debut that’s pretty darn impressive. Naturally I had to see what all the fuss was about and cast a sceptical eye over the hype.

For epic fantasy this is short, coming in at under 300 pages. I actually preferred this in all honesty, the prospect of those 800+ behemoths can be daunting, particularly if the pace is not done well.

I did find the pace lagging but because of the short, punchy chapters and overall length I persevered and I’m pleased I did.

Fans of The Witcher would love this. The plot follows four central characters, a young noble girl with supernatural abilities who has fled her destroyed home, the god of lies that is attached to her, a godkiller sworn to protect and free her and a knight on a quest for his king. This is a world in which many gods grow from the prayers of their followers until civil war leaves devastation and the old ways of pilgrimage and offerings are outlawed.

At times this is gripping and immersive. There are strong female protagonists, LGBT and disability elements which added to the layers of the characters and the mythology is slowly built throughout.

I found the whole concept of the gods and the chaos they brought fascinating, perhaps a statement on blind faith and the need to believe in something. 

Would I read Book 2? Yes I absolutely will be because it did hold my attention and I want to see what happens next.

This isn’t epic fantasy on a grand scale, and there were elements of the plot I found that were perhaps too coincidental/neatly packaged but I would recommend it for a more commercial, easy fantasy read.

Lord would it make good tv!

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