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Happy Place by Emily Henry


Before we ventured into #bookstagram and #tiktok you wouldn’t have caught me anywhere near a romantic comedy on the page or screen. For me, magic or the tudors are my literary comfort blanket. Having just emerged from the heaviness of Kingsolver’s Pulitzer winning Demon, I just wanted to laugh and be distracted, a beach read sans sun if you will. 

Happy Place was published in the UK last week, going in straight at number 2, & I think it will continue to appeal to an ever growing market of readers. The days when this genre was denigrated by publishers are over, these are the books flying off the shelves – Hoover, Jenkins- Reid, are a near constant, repeat presence on the bestseller lists years after publication. 

If you are after a light, at times funny, will they won’t they slow burn romance, this is the book to pack in your pool bag. For the first fifty pages I wasn’t convinced if I’m being brutally honest, the setting and characters felt incredibly contrived, almost written to order. A group of three best friends & partners return to their favoured holiday spot, but surprise our protagonist has broken up with her fiancé & they agree to keep it a secret. 

And yet, I found myself reading faster and … yes going to the end to see what happens, which is my signature move when I am becoming invested in the story. There were times I felt this was clever, themes of friendship, grief, familial dysfunction are explored that were nuanced, & never took away from the fizz of the prose. 

For fans of Emily Henry and the like, this will be received well. It wasn’t stand out for me, I don’t think it will have the impact of Book Lovers for the author, but it was an enjoyable, easy read that made me think about the locations and people I would choose for my Happy Place. 

If you are an ardent reader of books in this genre let me know your favourite! C

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