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Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano


Hopping back home soon and can’t wait to finish up the rest of this little beauty on the plane. The story of four sisters, this has hues of Little Women running throughout.

Though I’m only three quarters through, I am absolutely loving this one. Please don’t hate me — this @oprahsbookclub pick isn’t out until mid July but I just * have* to post about it now, mid-read!

The first sister up is Julia, a planner, organised to a tee, she’s rocketing through life, ticking the boxes she’s always wanted to. She meets William, an intelligent and injured former basket ball player, they get engaged, just like Julia wants and are soon married. When the unexpected happens, Julia finds herself rushing to have a baby earlier than she thought she would and her life is thrown a little off course in the process. The fact is, things don’t always go to plan, do they?

Then there’s Sylvie, the second sister, a wistful dreamer with her nose in a book. She works in the library, longing to find her soulmate. But when something terrible happens to William, everything changes and she will have to confront her life through a new lens — a new perspective with huge repercussions.

Cecilia and Emeline are the youngest of the four; the twins. One an artist and the other, a caregiver, they complete the sisters, each of them beautifully crafted characters. The dynamics between the four are conveyed with such skill and thus far, I’ve loved reading about this family and the dynamics between them as they move through joy and tragedy — the rhythms of life. How they navigate new and unfamiliar territory, whilst trying to cling onto the familiar bonds that have made them who they are.

So do please excuse me while I plug my kids into some screens for the next few hours, take off and finish this one off. I just *know* I’m going to love the rest — though will of course update you all when I close the final page! Have a lovely, Monday, all ~ S 

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