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Home Body by Rupi Kaur


We have such a brilliant recommendation tonight from the absolutely gorgeous Adele of @lifeslookingood elegance. I said to her when she sent us this photo that I want her glam squad. Daily. Adele is a guru of branding and style, she is a curator and creator working for companies and private clients. A champion of female entrepreneurs, her podcast Life Unfiltered and blog is known for being unashamedly honest, inspiring, thought provoking, and of course styled to perfection. Adele’s book choice reflects her love of poetry, women and human connection:

“How do I even begin to explain why I love Homebody. I am a huge fan of @rupikaur_ and her latest book of poetry, Homebody touched me deeply. Rupi is a feminist whose poetry has had global impact, she has an incredible ability to express her thought in a way which makes you so proud to be a part of womanhood and sisterhood.

Rupi has overcome such extreme adversity that she is viscerally honest about, using her experiences to fuel her exquisite writing which helps empower women and foster tremendous growth. Each book is more powerful than the next and it’s just a beautiful, painful relatable read which is both heartbreaking and life affirming”.

Order your copy here.

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