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Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall


Here’s the thing: I have a wall of Feminist and Gender studies literature from my law degree and ongoing interest in these topics – this disrupted everything I have previously read. I inhaled Hood Feminism in one day and have not stopped going back to it since. This is a ground breaking, deeply personal, passionate call to action and it has changed my entire perspective on this area. An intersectional look at the privilege of the Feminist movement, persuasively grounded in real examples to demonstrate how entire communities of marginalised women have been overlooked and used to benefit others. @karnythiabrings in so many wider issues and argues that for Feminism to be truly reflective and work for all women, we need to encompass the lived experiences and wider challenges of all. Amongst the 18 sections “The Fetishization of Fierce” completely blew my mind. As the evidence mounts, corroborating her arguments, the author demonstrates that the basic needs of so many women are ignored and that they are blamed for their struggles. Thank you to @bloomsburypublishingfor our copy, it is one we will both talk about for a very long time. Hood Feminism is out in paperback now.

~ Chaya. 

Some books take you away from the world and some stop you right in your tracks, rooting you to the spot. Hood Feminism, for me, did the latter. Not only does @karnythia clarify the problems posed by mainstream feminism for Black women by articulating the myriad challenges they face within a range of areas — gun violence, food insecurity, access to education, maternal health — she also suggests ways in which to move forwards. We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves and in fact ‘bringing about feminist changes will only be truly possible if feminism works to combat discrimination in all its forms; from gender to class and race. True equity starts by ensuring that everyone has access to the most basic of needs.’ I am so glad I read this and in fact, books like this highlight the power of reading — because not only will we learn from it but it will inspire us to open our minds and ultimately, contribute to making a difference.

~ Sophie

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