Non-FictionHourglass by Keiran Goddard

Hourglass by Keiran Goddard


You know when a book comes recommended by @holliepoetry and has @lenadunham on the back cover it is going to be good and this didn’t disappoint. 

Longlisted for the Desmond Elliot Prize, this debut novel from poet @keiran23 is being heralded as a universal love story for anyone that has ever experienced heartache. 

Written in poetic and lyrical short, sharp staccato bursts of prose, this is a stream of consciousness that hurtles you into the mind of an unnamed male narrator who begins a passionate, intense relationship with an editor.

Goddard is a master of observation, he is able to pinpoint an emotion with such clarity using a few words. The initial excitement which descends into paranoia and isolation is almost too hard to watch as our rather socially inept narrator begins to unravel and time begins to distort.

It is an addictive, melancholy read, following the arc of romance and grief, somehow conveying so much in such a short amount of time. You are in the very eye of a storm within his mind, it is so evocative and raw that everyone will be able to relate in some way.

I also found it at points eviscerating with his acerbic wit, he is able to obliterate people in about two seconds flat. This deserves all the praise, it’s subtle, only afterwards whilst it lingered did I realise that I hadn’t moved from first page to last. @holliepoetry you were right (obviously). Chaya.

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