FantasyHouse Of Sky And Breath by Sarah J. Maas

House Of Sky And Breath by Sarah J. Maas


In the fantasy publishing world, I would argue that this book was the most anticipated release of 2022. Under embargo until release, with worldwide online publication events and limited editions that sold out in hours (and are now worth quadruple the initial price), the second instalment in the Crescent City series from multi million book selling Sarah J Maas was an 800 page event many were waiting for.

Whilst it has sold superbly well, becoming an instant number one bestseller globally, the hype online hasn’t been the same as the frenzy after book one came out. In truth I read this back in February but wanted to sit with my thoughts.

Undeniably, Maas is a master of world and character building. The universes she creates are vivid and immersive, for any reader of fantasy it is the full experience. However I cannot honestly say this had the same propulsive, gripping quality as Book One of Crescent City or Book Five of ACOTAR (her other immensely successful series). 

This may be because the main couple Bryce and Hunt have finally got together so that crackling tension had dissipated, or due to one of the main narrative arcs, which took a lot of the plot time, coming to nothing approximately 600 pages in leaving me a bit frustrated. 

I love the mythology and politics of Sky and Breath but I wasn’t captivated in the same way a number of her other books have kept me awake the whole night, breathless. There were a lot of scenes that were sizzling but didn’t have the same impact, though parts of the story did have me racing through the pages. 

In truth the ending was so hugely explosive and brilliant and opens up so many avenues that it saved the entire thing and left me GAGGING for book three. That is the magic of Maas. 

I would still recommend this series as I reckon it will be her most brilliant yet. What did you think? Chaya

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