ContemporaryHow Do We Know We’re Doing It Right? by Pandora Sykes

How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right? by Pandora Sykes


There’s much to enjoy in this collection of essays by @pandorasykes (and not just the pink latte pictured next to it — though it was absolutely delicious, thank you @milkbeachlondon). 

Topics include fast fashion, the wellness industry, cancel culture, the flattening of women, authenticity and living life online — including the perils of the WhatsApp group (read: modern day HELL). 

There were parts of this book that truly spoke to us — it was as if Sykes had got into our heads and beautifully articulated some of the thoughts that we know we’ve had but have never actually spoken about. We loved reading her thoughts on reading itself, how people always ask how she has time to read so much, how she wouldn’t be herself without it and how it’s one of the few things we do nowadays where we aren’t bombarded with adverts. She uses a beautiful quote from arts journalist Laura Freeman to stress this — ‘A book doesn’t wheedle. No one has asked you to subscribe, sign up, enter your card details, your username, your password. The battery never dies.’ Like Sykes, reading is how we escape the anxious noise inside our heads.

Quick to check her privilege, Sykes states that as she is ‘able-bodied, white, privately educated, married with children’ she does not face all the same struggles as other millennial women. We do believe though that there are parts of her work that will resonate with many, particularly in light of the last eighteen months. Definitely worth a read — you’ll take something, if not many, many things, from its pages.

~ Sophie & Chaya

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