CrimeHow To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie

How To Kill Your Family by Bella Mackie


Warning: this book will make you consider the best methods of killing any family members you don’t like. 

I am really not a crime reader, as a criminal barrister I find most fictional offerings in the genre hyperbolic and inauthentic. This wildly popular new release from @mackie_bella piqued my interest and felt like a literary equivalent to Killing Eve. It’s not a standard crime thriller but a more entertaining, sarcastic story that happens to centre around murder and revenge. 

Satirical, witty and unabashedly blunt, Grace is the ultimate anti-hero, on a mission of revenge to kill her family. Pals, lord knows I can (and will) bear grudges and this was a scorcher. Initially I grappled with the protagonist and plot, however once more is revealed about this complex character I found myself fixated on her. 

Caustic and sharply observational, this book grew on me incrementally and by the end chapters I was reading ferociously to see what happened. Opinions have ranged in its reception and I think this is testament to how real Grace seems, I really really didn’t like her initially, she felt detached and vapid which upon reflection I think is purposefully done – I was almost engaging with her as if she was someone I could physically argue with. She is undeniably savage, the passages scathingly commenting on social media influencers were laugh out loud funny and of sheer beauty.

Word from our bookseller friends is that this is flying of the shelves, which is reflected by its place on the bestseller lists. @mackie_bella tell us there is a sequel planned? I am so grateful to @boroughpress for sending us copies.

~ Chaya [Ad:PR copies received]

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