MemoirI Am An Island by Tamsin Calidas

I Am An Island by Tamsin Calidas

Reading this mesmerising memoir about @tamsincalidas__kalidasa’s journey from life in busy London to a remote island in the Scottish Hebrides was a truly thought-provoking and emotive experience, particularly after a year spent in isolation away from family and friends. 

Heart-breaking and life affirming in equal measure, you will truly feel you are there, right beside the author, on her croft. We challenge you not to start searching for properties online in the absolute middle of nowhere once you’ve finished — you’ll want to up sticks and leave your comforts to brave the great unknown far from your doorstep. Make sure to let us know what you find.

Our igtv on this one is coming this evening so make sure to stay tuned to hear more about this unique and compelling book. Thank you @tabbyaaat @doubledaybooks for our gorgeous copy. 

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