ContemporaryIdol by Louise O’Neill

Idol by Louise O’Neill


We have been saving this book for the summer holidays and boy, are we glad we did! Idol is the story of Samantha Miller, an influencer-cum-guru with millions of followers who has written a viral essay detailing a sexual encounter from her past with a close friend. Although the friend in question is not officially identified, Lisa knows this is about her and their friendship as well as the secrets they shared. And she isn’t happy.

When she raises consent and sexual assault in response, Samantha’s world turns upside down and her descent begins — big time. You are thrust into the chaos and whirlwind right from the start of this incredibly gripping story. 

O’Neill’s exploration of cancel culture is one of the highlights of Idol. It’s so topical and made us think so much about the dark side of social media and it’s implications. Plus, though we are both readers who wouldn’t ordinarily pick up a twisty thriller like this, we genuinely couldn’t put it down and read it in heady gulps. 

It’s very commercial and would appeal to a broad range, as more is revealed about the characters your views might change (it did for us, C did NOT like Samantha at all by the end, which we reckon is exactly what @oneilllou wanted ). Themes of friendship, a love triangle, the pressure of social media, the cult like status of those we put on a pedestal and the lengths people will go to gain attention are explored. Truly a great, easy beach read to throw in your suitcase this summer ~ C & S

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