BiblioreccsIf Not For You by Georgina Lucas

If Not For You by Georgina Lucas


There are some people you just immediately click with and connecting with today’s wonderful guest @hannahbarrettyogafelt like fate. Hannah is an adored yoga teacher who has featured in international press for her incredible videos, down to earth approach and amazing app Hannah Barrett Yoga, which has a library of classes, challenges and courses. She is also the author of Yoga Happy, a companion with tools for everyday calm and strength, enjoyed by beginners to seasoned yoga fans. Below is a deeply personal recommendation from Hannah of a most profoundly moving title:

“If Not For You is the most beautiful book I’ve read this year. Heart-wrenching, hopeful, brave and profound. It is @georginaslucas account of the 21 days she had together with her newborn son Grey, and the search to make sense of his unimaginable loss. Georgina’s words made me cry and even laugh out loud at moments too. I found myself transported back to NICU days, the way Georgina explained things were so searingly accurate, it felt like she’d taken forgotten moments out of my brain.

It was a privilege to read this book and see the lasting impact Grey will have on this world. Though this is a really visceral and raw read, it will give a voice to so many who have experienced baby loss or traumatic births. You will feel heard and understood. The insight this will give to medical professionals as to what it is like to live through this cannot be underestimated. 

Grey Atticus Fox you will forever be loved and will never be forgotten”.

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