ContemporaryI’m A Fan by Sheena Patel

I’m A Fan by Sheena Patel


When I read this book cover to cover yesterday, one word kept on reverberating around my head. Excoriating. This is a blistering, gut-punch, at times completely hysterical debut that is honestly completely bloody brilliant.

“First of all I didn’t miss the red flags I looked at them and thought yea that’s sexy” 

I don’t usually enjoy a stream of consciousness narrative but when we have a protagonist that can in a few sentences absolutely nail the world and the fake, superior, pretentious, privileged influencer/wellness guru/ insert term here it is hard not to sit back and luxuriate in how blistering this is.

Our main character is nameless as are all the cast, the man she wants to be with and his lover, the woman she is obsessed with. It get uncomfortably real, her voice is so vivid and clear, her experiences at times so relatable that many will share. She begins to descends into absolute fixation and obsession on the man who she desires above all else at risk of everything (including her own esteem), he in turn becomes even more distant, famous in the arts world” and a serial lothario, he is married and in a number of other relationships 

You will want to march into the book to shake some sense into her. Written in short sharp bursts, dancing back and forth between the stages of their intense yet fleeting affair, we are also given some winning passages on race, class, wealth, politics, misogyny, art and online life.

I found this oddly addictive, @imightbesheenapatel is somehow able to create characters you feel like you know through the eyes and voice of another. So good ~ Chaya

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