BiblioreccsIn Case Of Emergency by Poorna Bell & Every Family Has A Story by Julia Samuel

In Case Of Emergency by Poorna Bell & Every Family Has A Story by Julia Samuel


Delighted to have the brilliant, utterly relatable, woman we all want to have a coffee with, @clemmie_telford as our guest today. Clemmie was a Creative Director, working in some top Ad agencies and at Facebook. She is known for her glorious podcast and book “But Why” and always engages in honest conversations about difficult subjects, from body image to mental health, relationship struggles to money challenges and everything in between.

Clemmie recommends two books today:

“Every Family Has A Story by @juliasamuelmbe is a raw, insightful curation of her work as a psychotherapist focusing on family therapy, the chapters centre around a different multi-generational group, with a family tree for each one. Julia explores the patterns that are passed down & how change comes through revisiting the past. 

In Case of Emergency by @poornabell is the debut novel from the writer of Stronger which is out in July. After a near fatal accident Bel wakes up in hospital and realises she doesn’t know who to call. I love Poorna’s writing for being thought provoking and this has a rich array of cultural insight. 

We are the same age and I felt such an affinity to it, she references My So Called Life which I loved. As a mostly non fiction reader of self help books it was great to lose myself in fiction which weaves in elements of self help whilst also being funny – who doesn’t need a bit of comedy in their lives?!”

Order your copy of ‘In Case Of Emergency’ here and order ‘Every Family Has A Story’ here.

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