BiblioreccsInvisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez

This book will fill you with a righteous rage. This book will make you see the world differently. 

I wondered if this would be an elongated academic paper filled with scientific jargon. A book on gender bias using data and gaps in knowledge spanning medicine, tech, and policy doesn’t sound like a page turner, however important the topic is.

Caroline Criado-Perez has a laudable way of utilising facts and statistics, whilst critically ensuring a flow that engages the reader. She demonstrates with a myriad of examples the inherent disadvantages arising from the most nuanced forms of misogyny (and some rather overt manifestations, I see you iPhone size), that continue regardless of female suffrage and emancipation.

She presents her case like an advocate in court, using incontrovertible research that builds to a single conclusion: the modern world has been designed by men for men. She theorises that this is due to women not being present at critical junctures of decision making. Gradual and often inadvertent ignorance culminates in a society that doesn’t function properly for all and inhibits the success of women. 

I found this mesmerising and horrifying. It is not a read in one sitting thriller but a downward descent into discrimination. You may need to stop periodically to take a furious walk. I would recommend a large alcoholic beverage at regular intervals. 

Her calm, unemotional and methodical approach lends gravitas and power to this essential piece of investigative journalism. As I said to Sophie – this book made me swear. A lot.

Recommended for anyone that wants to understand and challenge these arbitrary parameters. Very useful for arguments with disbelievers of misogyny.

~ Chaya


Tova Leigh just gets it. Author of two books and a self-described creator, performer and feminist, she is also absolutely bloody hilarious. As mums of relatively young children, we find her observations on motherhood a stroke of comedy genius — but at the same time, profound and deeply honest. She’s one of the good ones — in fact, one of the best ones — out there, in this funny world of social media because what she says may often be humorous but at the same time, it packs a real and important punch. Both of us would love to sit down with Tova at a local pub and have a good ol’ chit chat (hint hint, T!). We are so thrilled with the book she has chosen today — one that both of us have read and, together with her, implore you to read too.

Here are the screenshots for her review because it’s damn magnificent — the book and her words on it.

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