Our ReviewsIt Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover

It Starts With Us by Colleen Hoover


So, this is the first book that we’ve read which was actually written in response to social media demand. Like the masses, we too wanted to see what happened next for Lily and Atlas and though admittedly neither of us are religious @colleenhoover fans, we were both very keen to have a read. 

The book picks up two years on from where we left off. Lily and Ryle have separated and she is managing life as a single mum, still close to Ryle’s sister and navigating a co-parenting relationship with him. 

A chance encounter in the street with Atlas is going to change everything. Because if there’s one person Ryle won’t tolerate in Lily’s life, it’s him. Now, Hoover delves back into the pasts of Lily and her childhood flame, as she gives readers the story and ending that they’ve been chomping at the bit for!

Chaya *loved* this one — it totally satisfied her craving for more — more of the plot, more of the characters and just more of Colleen’s writing which has a real power in its ability to hook you in, completely and utterly. It’s addictive, easy and feels authentic – this is drama for the masses. 

On a side note, the whole focus on domestic violence from the victim’s point of view, the nuanced moments explored of doubt and need for support from so many places felt like a call to arms. Throughout reading all C could think about was the amount of people this would resonate with.

As for me, I must admit, these books aren’t top of my list but I do feel they serve an important purpose. They give you fleshed out characters on a plate, a story you’ll find yourself immersed in within a couple of minutes and a conclusion that you can call a wrap. A thorough fix of escapism, good and proper.

Now, we need to know — what did you guys think of this one?! Let us know! ~ S & C 

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