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Jolly Rice and Other Revolutions

Jollof Rice & Other Revolutions

I find short stories deeply satisfying. It’s rather reminiscent of poetry, the author has a short amount of time to create a narrative arc, bring depth to characters and convey a message. It’s easier to put down after one chapter so they need to work harder to keep your attention.

This multi-faceted collection of short stories is different to any other I have encountered as they are interlocking, focusing on the same group of girls you initially meet.

Jollof Rice and Other Revolutions follows the lives and families of four brilliantly vibrant Nigerian women. Aisha, Solape, Remu and Nonso are inseparable at boarding school and when they are separated in the chaos of a riot, each take a different path, from tragedy to finding love, whilst haunted by their experiences. 

A celebration of culture, women and friendship that is easy to read and yet compelling, I was struck by how quickly @omololaijeoma transported me to Nigeria, it is subtly done, the prose is not laden with long descriptive passages of culture or scenery. 

Exploring themes of race, grief, tradition, friendship, identity and home, there are moments when you can’t help but be struck by the universality of human emotion. One character in an early story yearns for a child, a later character craves the food of her homeland, these moments felt deeply relatable even if a village in Nigeria couldn’t be further away from your life and upbringing. 

I loved how the stories connected to create one expansive story, underpinned by what felt like folklore. Praised by the likes of @roxanegay74@shondarhimes and @nytimes this is one that should be on your radar – Chaya

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