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Kleptopia by Tom Burgis


When this book arrived from the fabulous folks at HarperCollins, I couldn’t wait to pick it up; until my husband swiped it away from under my nose and claimed it as his own. The man does not read — at all. But this, he had to, he said. And when he was done, he insisted I absolutely must. He couldn’t recommend it highly enough — and that’s saying something.

And neither can I. Not the easiest of reads — it’s a complex subject, dirty money — it completely blew my mind. A jaw dropping exploration of the trillions and trillions of pounds of money that is laundered across the globe, you will find yourself bouncing back and forth, from place to place, trying to take in the darkest of corrupt realities. This is the world in which we live and, at times, it feels pretty hard to stomach. With a vast cast of characters — from oligarchs, to bankers, to political leaders from an array of countries — this book simply couldn’t be more timely. 

Painstakingly researched and put together, there is a huge amount of detail in these pages — threads that Burgis has tied together with tremendous skill. It left me with a sense of both wonder and horror but above all, an understanding of how precarious that notion of ideological progress which so many of us believe in — or would like to believe in — truly is ~ S

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