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Lanny by Max Porter


Lanny was a book that was chosen for my former office book club. My boss at the time didn’t like it at all and it infuriated me hugely.

Lanny is a novel that is hard to describe but what I can tell you for certain is that it is a slim book that packs a seriously *seriously* mighty punch.

Set in a conventional village outside London, it tells the story of a family who have recently arrived with their son, Lanny, who goes missing. 

A unique and creative soul, the events surrounding his disappearance are told through the voices of the the villagers — as well as that of the shape shifting ancient being, or rather trickster of foliage form. 

In Lanny, Porter plays with form the way only he can (swipe to see). For me, it enhanced the novel on every level, totally adding to its magic. As I said, Lanny is one that’s hard to describe — In some ways mythological, in others, fable like — but it’s without a doubt one of the most haunting and memorable books I’ve read in recent years and one I plan on reading again ~ S

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