All VideoLea Ypi (Free | Coming of Age At The End Of History)

Lea Ypi (Free | Coming of Age At The End Of History)


Sophie and I could have listened to @lea.ypi speak for hours. Erudite, thoughtful and with the most unique insight into politics, identity and the world she is everything you would want an author to be. I almost want to go back to university to enrol in her classes.

Her gripping, thrilling, dramatic, searing memoir (can you tell we are fans?) is going to be one of the stand out books of 2021 if not beyond. Lea grew up in Stalinist Albania and witnessed the overnight change from communism to socialism. This could be any Netflix drama, you have a young girl coming of age, family secrets, violence and political intrigue. 

We cannot thank our main squeeze @aniagordon and the folks at @allenlanepr for connecting us with Lea. Buy this book. It will appeal to readers of historical fiction, spy thrillers, multi generational family drama, non fiction and history buffs alike. A triumph.

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