MemoirLily’s Promise by Lily Ebert

Lily’s Promise by Lily Ebert


A very personal post today, so much more than a review. 

98 year old Lily & great grandson Dov are the authors of Lily’s Promise, a Sunday Times bestseller & @waterstones book of the year, out in paperback tomorrow (link in stories). Lily, a Holocaust survivor, is a revered figure & I’ve watched Dov grow from a cheeky kid into a brilliant force. Our community lives under the spectre of the Holocaust & the unfathomable bravery of survivors ensures it is never forgotten.

She promised herself “if I survive I will tell the world what happened” & has given thousands of talks. When liberated a soldier gave her a bank note on which he wrote good luck. 70 years later Dov tweeted about it to try find him. Unbelievably, they met his family & Lily became a viral sensation. Seeing the interest, Dov started a TikTok account for people to ask her questions. With 1.9 million followers, millions are inspired by her bravery & resilience.

Lily’s Promise, with forward from Prince Charles, is an international bestseller (available for US pre-order). My non reader husband bought this on publication day last year & we couldn’t put it down, it’s nothing short of remarkable.

There is a reason the reviews are unanimous that this one stands out. Beyond a testimony, you are in Lily’s mind & soul, experiencing her emotions. Written with such intimacy & honesty, I was struck by her resilience, wit & defiance when facing inhumanity. 

Critically, half of the book is about rebuilding her life, overcoming trauma & finding the strength to continue which elevates this – at the point you feel broken for her there is suddenly light. It is a tale of redemption that represents so many of our grandparents, of how connection & love can overcome anything.

Every time I look at it I get emotional, it will reduce you to tears & make you appreciate everything you have, with the power to snap me out of any mood – if Lily can thrive why am I complaining about myriad inanities. Overflowing with hope it is a treasured book in our home.

I am so honoured to know Lily, Dov & her family. Dov has amplified her voice & ensured she has fulfilled her promise beyond her wildest dreams ~ Chaya

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