FantasyLore by Alexandra Bracken

Lore by Alexandra Bracken

 F A N T A S Y P A P E R B A C K

As punishment for a past rebellion, every seven years nine Greek gods are transformed into human form, hunted by warriors from ancient bloodlines intent on stealing their immortality. I mean if that isn’t a plot that is screaming my name I don’t know what is. 

Set in present day New York this is a Homeric form of the Hunger Games with contestants ranging from Apollo to Poseidon. Though it is an easy read, It’s almost as if @alexbracken is related to the many mythological characters she utilises as she speaks about them with such adept familiarity.

This is Young Adult Fantasy/ Historical Fiction that will appeal to a wide audience because of its richly academic underpinnings. I was constantly consulting my books on Greek mythology and going to my Euripides, Herotodus and Sophocles ( I was so excited to use my 200 year old edition of The Odyssey in this photo #proudgeek) because this book brings the Gods of Homer to life.

The pace of this read is excellent, it’s very fast moving with complexities and twists. The brutality of the era has been brilliantly evoked, with the capricious nature of immortal disdain for humanity depicted throughout. Though this is YA, Bracken really cleverly interweaves a social commentary on the horrific position of women and girls classically and the pervasive stereotypes about a women’s place, ability and strength. 

This was pure escapism. If it was on Netflix, I would binge the heck out of this. I would barter my soul for Bridgertons @regejean to be given a starring (preferably topless) role. Thank you so much @beccimansell@teambkmrk@hachettekids for our copy! And thank you @dantheman1504 for yet another brill recommendation.

~ Chaya

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