ContemporaryLove Marriage by Monica Ali

Love Marriage by Monica Ali


Like many *many* others, I adored Monica Ali’s Brick Lane when it was published way back when and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her new novel — this weighty beauty, Love Marriage.

On one level, this is the story of Yasmin and Joe, two doctors, whose wedding day is approaching. On paper and in theory, things are going swimmingly but in reality, this is far from the truth — and we soon see the many levels there are to this story in its entirely. As their two worlds collide — two worlds, two families, two cultures, many pasts and a fair few secrets — we see that their lives are full of complications and contradictions. But then again, aren’t all of ours?

Ali has a really special ability as a writer; she creates characters that are not only multilayered, complex and real — they are characters that you actually feel you are living alongside. As I read about what she was going through, I wanted to WhatsApp Yasmin and suggest we go out for a drink. As we heard more about the secrets of Joe’s life, I wanted to sit down and talk things through with him. And the book, as a result, is as real as the day you’re reading it on. I read it slowly, taking my time, savouring it, as a result.

There’s a lot to love about this story. It’s been deemed a modern classic and I understand why. More than that, though, I feel like what it really is, is modern life. And a thoroughly fine and beautiful example of it, indeed ~ S

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