Author Interview: Maddie Mortimer (‘Maps Of Our Spectacular Bodies’)

Author Interview

Maddie Mortimer

We were so pleased to be joined by author @maddiemortimer to discuss her dazzling, kaleidoscopic debut novel which frankly is astounding.

A multi-generational family saga, a tale of love and romance, of motherhood, identity and friendship. Our protagonist Lia is fighting an internal battle and the experimental and lyrical prose captures her creativity and turmoil.

By the end I (Chaya) was an absolute wreck but this is a story of hope and joy as much as it is about the end of life. Maddie is incredibly generous and open in depicting how her own experiences as a teen losing her mother inspired this work of art.

Maps of Spectacular Bodies is one of those books that made me so grateful to be a reader. Maddie is wracking up the prize nominations and praise, it’s actually quite grotesque that this is her debut to be honest. We are changed from her words, which dance around the page.

Ad: PR Copies – So grateful to our friends at @picadorbooks for insisting we read this, sending over copies and arranging this interview.