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Manifest by Roxie Nafousi


I’m going to be completely honest with you here — I bought this book because I couldn’t get over how stunning it looked. And it absolutely is — everything about it is supremely insta-worthy. Have a look at the photos in which it’s tagged on here — it comes across as *the* book to have on your shelf or artfully placed on your coffee table.

But, there is so much more to this than how photogenic it is. Manifesting has changed self-development coach Roxie Nafousi’s life and she wants you to know how it can transform yours for the better too. Her honesty about her own journey in her introduction is incredibly impactful and sets the tone for the book that follows.

I really like how clearly Nafousi sets out the principles of manifesting — the seven key steps to creating the life you want. Though there are concepts here that I’ve heard and read about before, she articulates them with real skill and in a way that makes it easy for her reader to pick up this book again and again, to reconnect and find the information they’re looking for. It

Nafousi makes it clear that manifesting itself is a journey. This is *not* a case of snapping your fingers and getting what you want just because you want it. This is a process and you have to trust in it. It isn’t about control; manifesting, she writes, is about surrender — ‘about knowing and visualising what you want, being proactive in reaching it but then surrendering to the journey that will ultimately guide you there.’ Important words indeed — and ones I hope I will take with me and remember.

Ultimately, Manifest is a practical, personal and powerful book — and it’s been a Sunday Times bestseller for the past ten weeks. The proof is in the pudding, is it not?! 

Oh — and it’ll look absolutely stunning on your coffee table too.

~ Sophie

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