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Maybe You Should Talk To Someone by Lori Gottlieb

This book has been read by gazillions of which I wasn’t one — until now. It wasn’t even on my radar until a dear friend whose opinions I respect tremendously implored me to read it. And I did — and when I say read it, I also mean laughed out loud to it, cried into it (I’m talking tears all over the pages) and actually learned a helluva lot from it. In fact, it’s the kind of book I genuinely wish I could remember every important part of. But there were so many I’ll want to come back to that I’ll just have to keep it on my bedside table. For good. Thinking about it now, this is likely one of those books I won’t be lending out. At all #sorrynotsorry

It’s just a therapy book, I hear you say. And you’re right, to a degree. It’s a book about therapy, yes. But it’s a huge amount more than that — because it’s a book not only about therapy in terms of its practicalities and how it works from the perspective of the author, a very well respected therapist. But, rather uniquely, it’s also a book about what happens when said author — said therapist — experiences a profound shake up in her own personal life and has to undergo therapy herself. And not just the kind of obligatory therapy all those in the profession have to have. But rather, the kind of therapy that she needs — desperately — even though at the start she doesn’t necessarily realise it.

Ultimately, @lorigottlieb_author’s bestselling book in my hands here is, above all, about being human. The stories will move you — the young newly wed who finds out she has terminal cancer and decides what she needs to do is start working at Trader Joe’s. The brash Hollywood exec who is convinced everyone is an idiot — apart from him, though he is guarding a secret that has tortured him for years. The seventy year old woman who is convinced that she has nothing to look forward to and is certain she will end her life by her next birthday. Little does she know what’s about to happen. These stories may not be yours, they may not be you but I think, like me, you’ll find fragments of yourself in their magic — magic you’ll genuinely want to carry with you. Or at least keep by your bedside table on a permanent basis ~ S✨

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