FictionMetronome by Tom Watson

Metronome by Tom Watson


Oh did we have different reactions to this one!!

Dystopia as a genre is perpetually fascinating, particularly when we find ourselves, today, living in a world that is, in many ways, utterly dystopic. In this compelling and thought provoking novel from Tom Watson, published in May, we are presented with a world that will shock from the off but in a strangely subtle way. Indeed, it’s bleakness and the power of landscape itself form a core part of this story.

Aina and Whitney are isolated on an island. They’ve committed a crime — they had a child without obtaining government permission. This is their punishment; the only way for them to survive the climes of the croft where they live is by taking pills at 8 hour intervals. Anxiety inducing, much?! As their sentence comes to a close, it becomes apparent that Aina and Whitney aren’t going anywhere and each of them has their own beliefs as to what the future holds and what steps they should take next.

Poetically written in parts and a fascinating concept, C was gripped and enthralled whilst S, though similarly turning the pages furiously, had some reservations. What we both agree about though is Watson’s ability to create an atmosphere from the first page. His taut, tense writing which comes in short sharp bursts transport you to the wilds of an abandoned island. You get a real sense of the power of nature, the psychology of indoctrination and being trapped, the fragility of trust and watching this play out in their relationship was captivating.

This would make a great buddy or book club read as there are so many possible discussion points. Start it with plenty of time though because the author is responsible for keeping us up well into the early hours!! C & S

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