ContemporaryMilk Teeth by Jessica Andrews

Milk Teeth by Jessica Andrews


Published today from portico prize winning author Jessica Andrews of Salt Water fame, this one hit very very close to home. I was trepidatious in sharing this but if we want to change things we need to be open so before I tell you why you should RUN to buy this let me take a moment to give you context.

Eight years ago I collapsed and was diagnosed with crohns. With the disease deteriorating, I went to hospital for surgery and was bed bound for a while after. The pain was excruciating. I remember wondering if I would ever be well enough to walk down the street or sit in a restaurant again. However throughout this time I lost a lot of weight. A lot. My running joke later was I hadn’t been that thin since in utero. When I emerged back into the world, people were mostly uninterested in my horrendous journey getting there, they cared about one thing. My weight.

The compliments. The looks. The admiration and praise. The dresses I could get into. The bones I could feel, a hip bone jutting out triumphant. It felt like my reward. This is what the torrent of images and body critique we see on a daily basis does to the mind. I was grateful.

Milk Teeth captures the experience of so many women like me in lyrical, vivid, poetic prose. We are in the mind of our listless main character as she reminisces about her childhood, the need to be petite, the headlines, articles on diets, the body shaming. The narrative is like shards of glass at times, in short sharp bursts as we veer from the present to her past. 

We watch her blossoming romance with a doctoral student, her unlocked passion as she grapples with her identity, desires, a patriarchal society, her dysfunctional family and economic limitations. She follows him to sun drenched Barcelona – this is perfect summer reading, I could almost feel the sand. It’s sensuous, mesmerising and beautiful but at its core it represents so many of our struggles against a toxic culture and unrealistic beauty standards ~ C 

Ad:PR Thank you @sceptrebooks@louiseccourt for having us at the launch and sending over a proof & huge congrats @itbeginswiththebody 

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